"Connecting Communities at the Intersection of Housing & Health"

Our Story

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Our Story

Who knew a simple dinner conversation among three social workers in 2003 would grow into the national organization now known as, Collaborative Solutions, Inc.?! 

Collaborative Solutions (CS) was formally created in 2004 by a group of social work professionals concerned with the challenges our nation’s most vulnerable populations face when attempting to access housing that is both adequate for meeting their needs and affordable. Many vulnerable populations (which includes people living with HIV/AIDS, escaping domestic violence, living with disabilities, experiencing homelessness, etc.) are among the forgotten.    

However, at CS we hold one value to be true…ALL individuals have a right to adequate, affordable, and accessible housing; which is a basic human need.   

Our Purpose

The overall purpose and goal of our work is to impact the system of supportive housing throughout the United States to ensure that vulnerable populations are adequately housed and can access supportive services. Research continues to show that stable housing leads to improved health outcomes for vulnerable populations; in fact, stable housing leads to fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits, which in turn decreases the burden on private and government-based support systems.    

Through the delivery of training, technical assistance, research, and targeted community initiatives; Collaborative Solutions is able to strategically build the capacity of local communities and various types of organizations, while also helping them maximize their long-term community impact in the areas of housing, health and services.