"Connecting Communities at the Intersection of Housing & Health"

Our Mission

Collaborative Solutions works in partnership for the empowerment of human service organizations and communities in order to positively impact special needs populations.    

Our National Initiatives

HIV Housing & Health


Affordable & Rural Housing


Homeless & HMIS


Our Coalition

National AIDS Housing Coalition


The National AIDS Housing Coalition (NAHC) works to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by ensuring that persons living with HIV/AIDS have quality, affordable and appropriate housing. 

Its coalition of national and community-based organizations and individuals provides strong advocacy, representation, and training for thousands of consumers, community leaders, and social service/health providers.   

Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV/AIDS


The Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV & AIDS (PASWHA) energizes and supports social workers and other professionals providing social work services to impact the infection through education, research, policy/advocacy, networking, and professional development.

Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama


The Low-Income Housing Coalition of Alabama (LIHCA) has a mission to increase housing opportunities for Alabamians with the greatest financial need. It is the sole statewide organization dedicated to increasing the number of affordable homes for Alabamians living in poverty. 

LIHCA focuses on housing policy, resources, education, and advocacy.



Collaborative Solutions, Inc. is proudly accredited by the Standards for Excellence Institute as having met all the requirements of the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector.