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    p A three-part training for HOPWA grantees and sponsor organizations has been presented previously and the relevant training material is offered here as well.

    HOPWA 101

    • Overview of HOPWA standards and regulations
    • HUD expectations, performance goals, housing stability
    • Uses of grant funds, client eligibility
    • Costs and activities allowed

    STRMU – Short-Term Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance:

    • Additional standards for rent, mortgage, and utility assistance
    • Policies and procedures, STRMU administration
    • Assistance calculation and tracking

    TBRA – Tenant-Based Rental Assistance:

    • Implementing TBRA in an HIV/AIDS housing continuum
    • Standards and regulations for TBRA
    • Client eligibility
    • Rent and income calculations; earned income disregard


    The training topics above were suggested by the HUD New Orleans Field Office, the City of New Orleans, the City of Baton Rouge, and the State of Louisiana;  the need for information and training in these areas was also noted by a number of providers.  Staff turnover, changes in client needs, and circumstances over the past several years and reporting changes have all contributed to the need for updated HOPWA training.  We encourage all formula and competitive HOPWA grantees and sponsors to attend.

    Click the links to find the coordinating HOPWA training material:


    Part 1: Overview
    Part 1: HOPWA 101 Overview

    Part 2: HOPWA Housing Assistance Activities
    Section 1: Short-term Rent, Mortgage, Utility Assistance Program (STRMU)
    Section 2: Tenant-based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

    Part 3: Resources
    Section 1: Resources
    Section 2: Resources cont.